Saturday, February 03, 2007

Poh See Tan Eating House a.k.a Boston Eating House
yes, ppl thats the name of my mum's coffee shop, it was passed down from my grandfather to my uncle but well...he was able to make it coz he rented it out to others and kinda screwed up. So to save the super mum decided to take over the coffee shop. she kinda chased away those asshole tenders who rented stalls coz they really are assholes and now theres a whole range of food stalls! confirm guarantee nice! haha!! even the long awaited "tzi-cha" also open already!! power! business has improved too! ha ha! my 5th aunt decided to sell western food!

Hot Hot Egg Western Food!
my aunt decided to learn a few tricks or two from the chicken rice uncle who used to be a chef selling at Mandarin Hotel! Heard of the Famous Mandarin Hotel chicken rice? tell u more bout tt later..My 5th aunt is a very cute person, cute cute, funny funny type one. She gave her stall name "Hot Hot Egg Western food"! I'm serious thats what she name her stall!! cute rite! her food taste nice too, so friends do come on down and try k!

Old Mandarin (Hotel) Chicken Rice
my dad looked for his god-dad for help to look for stalls to sell chicken rice, he found an old uncle who used to be a cook at mandarin. haha! so well...he came and his one of the first new stalls to open and yes, the chicken rice is really really nice, tender chicken meat and very good rice!! worth a try! 5 stars man!! so come on down!!

People! if you all wanna come down and try, give me a calL! i'll gladly bring you guys down oh and also i'll of coz ask whether you all wanna come down anot...well hope to see you guys come down and try and support!!

Weiric sat under the tree @ Saturday, February 03, 2007

Image of my parents.

Wednesday night after closing my mum's coffee shop, the 3 of us headed home together (me, dad & mum). dad usually drives us up to our house's main gate and we'll get off the car and go in and he'll reverse his way out as it is a dead end next to my house. so on that day i decided to follow him after mum got off the car. then when he parked the car and we got off. i was carrying my bag and laptop. he said "here let me carry your bag for you" he carried my bag like he did when he carried my bag for me when i was in primary school. my bag is a haversack bag wif two straps. he'll put them together and carry it on his rite should..lucky my bag wasnt heavy. if not i wouldnt even let him carry it at all..his getting old i can tell...i felt tt nowadays i'm more close to home now especially when i see my parents work so hard..i do wanna go out and have fun with friends but when i think wat are they working so hard for...i decided maybe not maybe i should help them out..i normally will whine, complain and sometimes alittle frustrate about it the end i juz needa let out then..i'll quietly sit there and help them..i love them..i seriously do...they might say i dont..but actually..i really u guys...

Weiric sat under the tree @ Saturday, February 03, 2007

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