Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hey, yep...hahah..back frm the pool place at bishan...went there wif my dad and his bunch of youngster frenz...bonding wif my dad man...being a tertiary student now..seldom have time to bond wif my parents...weekdays only like see them when i come home, b4 i go sch coz eat breakfast and when they end work..hardly have time to go out wif must take time out to accompany them..wat to do..only son...^_^...was on the way to the pool centre in the car...drove past aitong, and at tt bus stop..saw this two young secondary sch kids frenching at the bus stop...(can see the guy no skill, lousy..pui!)...idiot la..wanna french wait till like at the back back back seat of the bus or some where quiet and not so obvious la..basket at the bus stop french, car drive pass, best if the mum of the girl drive past! woot! owned! pawn the guy's head! nowadays ah....well speaking of them make me realise wat i did as well...bowling alley...was sweet other ppl, it would be kinda irritating, pecking might be oki but not 'tongue dance' my mistake..but..hopefully i wont make it again ah..u kids out there dun hang out late..or u'll turn bad and do stupid tings like them...

anywyas..played badminton today during the break, bryan, gloria, charles and the rests played cola (u noe the kick leg one?), police and theif la..playing primary sch games, bringing back memories and stuff which is good..class bonding topic all abt bonding..hahah! needa bond more wif the class...P1A7 is the best bonded class in NGEE ANN POLY...

was reading my previous post on the i am a polytechnic student..i found out tt i was quite offending to JC guys..but..screw u man! tts wat i tink! we poly students will pawn u ah! anyways..gtg sleep tml got training..shall blog again soon..bye ppl thanks for reading my blog...

Weiric sat under the tree @ Saturday, July 29, 2006

Thursday, July 27, 2006

national day is coming...9th aug. this yr's theme "globel city". wat grober, simi grober..when was singapore a grober city man...went to the webby to check out the theme, it says tt we can link to other country via air land and sea. b***s***t la...almost every country has airport, linkway to other country and seaport wat. if like tt only we call it grober, then the almost every country oso grober mah...grober city. i think the theme should be. Singapore, the intergrated country. well, since they have done it so no choice la.

poly students, gues ppl always think we are wat, the ppl who cant study or the smoker, drinkers and clubbers, thats not wat we are... so..well, as a poly student myself, hopefully write someting like mr. brown's i am singaporean but this time...i am a poly student.

"I dun wear uniform, not because i dun have an identity, juz tt i dun need to. i can dye my hair, but i rather have my hair health. ppl think we cant study as well as them, but NB we are ten times more practical then they can ever be. I wanna pay the same bus fare as the JC students, but the gahmen say we must pay more bcoz of them. i study 1 more year the they have to, but i go into the Uni directly to the 2nd yr. i wanna be nice to them, but F**k those CB guys frm those schs give attitude(the girls r oki). We are not ppl who cant study, we believe in the spirit of Poly, we have more practical skills then u have we create most of the things tt you use, we are from the poly, we pay 1025 sing. dollars per semester! we are polytechnic students. so say we all. so say we all"

dunnoe wat u think abt it but quite heavy the words. anyways if u wanna write some ting like tt and dun have a place to post it u can email it to me anytime and i'll post it here for u. so..i shall sign off and hope u enjoy reading my post..thanks..

Weiric sat under the tree @ Thursday, July 27, 2006

hey...sorry for not blogging for afew days was quite busy wif work...well im finally back, had quite a fun week, there will be badminton session tml wif 1A7 haha! fun!! just read bryan's blog. talked about fatty foo and stuff...laughed my lungs out..damn funny..

monday: went to sch late, coz of my hurts!! then the EEPS lecturer attitude me then i attitude her back, was my fault la i guess, shouldnt challenge her like wat bryan and gloria said. fatty foo caught us handing in copied work choice la have to do agian then after tt the class still got ppl need help, on the stirke of 5 he stood up and leave, wtf la! if his a responsible lecturer he should stay and help la...ass hole...

tuesday: lemme see wat did i do? hmm..went for prata! during the two hour break. waited damn long..stupid uncle cant pan fry a prata properly ah! then we went for the ELTECH class. after visiting the loo, the bunch of us played wif the trolley we found there so bryan went in and char-les pushed him all th way back to class and the ppl around laughed like heck man..really fun class...the best...^_^

Weiric sat under the tree @ Thursday, July 27, 2006

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