Saturday, July 08, 2006

my dad heard the "i am singaporean" podcast on the mr. brown show... and found it amusing...somehow i tot of this idea of making 1 of this for him.

" I came to singapore 20 odd years ago, then the place was damn horrible. At that time, cantonese was my only form of communication. but now i can say alittle bit of english and chinese and swear wif them too. i never expected i would get hitched here, as i was a hong konger, tot i would get a hk girl instead, i married a singaporean lady. She gave birth to my only child who is 18 now, he pissed me off sometimes, brings me sorrow however, he always bring joy to me. i have bad temper, trying hard to get rid of it but those *throw ur mother old shoe* ppl always make me F**ked up. till now i still dun know how to sing the national anthem. till now i only know that the flag is red and white with moon and stars. i got my pink IC soon after my boy was borned, then on i am singaporean...i am say we all, so say we all...."

Weiric sat under the tree @ Saturday, July 08, 2006

Friday, July 07, 2006

After listening to mr. brown, mr. miyagi and mrs. brown's podcast on i am singaporean..i decided to join in as well wif my own version but...not you guys will enjoy..and i am singaporean.

"I have english name, but tt british lecturer says its not. my english was the worst subject till i was p3. i speak good english, but sometime im tired of the stupid slang. My dialect is cantonese, but WTH i swear much better wif hokkien. i wanna be nice to everyone but i cant becoz f**kers always piss me off. I love to eat local food, but durian makes me sick. i think the shops at orchard should sell stuffs cheaper. the news always say that finance is better. but my wallet is always empty. i wanna take the bus by paying child's fare, but the grouchy aunty always pick on me. I believe that COE charged is a way to ask for more money. I love the flag, although i still cant remember wat it symbolise for. i believe singapore should have drift courses, i believe that modifying cars should be more lienant(issit spelt tis way?), i believe in my pink IC. i am a singaporean. so say we say we all."

The above paragraph was inspired by the mr. brown show. hope you all will enjoy and go d/l more podcasts on

Weiric sat under the tree @ Friday, July 07, 2006

RAS...Restroom association of singapore visited np today and are here to give us a talk on the toilet topic for my IS module (IAC)..i was like....WTF is tt for? Thomas Chua said volunteers will be talking to us instead find some toilet guy to come tlak...basket..make me wanna slp...some how i manage to crack jokes during the talk. He showed this world toilet collage on the PPT. and i was thinking how the orientation would be..."alrite ppls, welcomes to the world toilet collage, in your 3 yrs of pursuing ur toilet wil learn how to clean the toilet properly..and the male will have to undergo a 1 yr module of learning how to aim may u have a wonderfuly time in WTC...and we all welcome you...our motto...'to keep the toilet clean is our duty.' thank you"
Imagine if the director of the school said this during the orientation, that would be like a total screw up school man..wash still wondering wat is IS for man..IS really waste of time..hais..

Weiric sat under the tree @ Friday, July 07, 2006

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hai...sad..germany lost to the super "chao ka" (cheaters in hokkien) italians...damn sad lost to france. tot at least they might draw but was somehow zidane got a goal thanks to the penalty kick. so there goes figo and c.ronaldo in their world cup trophy dreams...ok lets not talk bout soccer and go to a topic which im more! ripped a OEM dvd frm my very nice class mate...thanks..the show is the 3rd installment of fast and furious. its called tokyo drift. its about this ang moh punk who got himself into s**t by racing around in the USA. then he got sent to japan to live wif his dad hoping that he will not race anymore. but it got worst...he went into the world of drifting. which is so much much cooler than drag! haha...i love cars man..its my life!yes...but sad thing about the movie is that the beautiful car tt got smashed and wreck..heart pain ah...ok anyways..gtg..will post again..see u guys soon..and thanks for dropping by...shasushimi signing off...

Weiric sat under the tree @ Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Good morning ppl, welcome to shasushimi's first ever blog. this is my first time blogging, hopefully you guys will enjoy reading and er...dun feel offended, is the same as mr. miyagi...non of my parents are is just a nickname ok...due to the huge influence of mr. brown and mr. miyagi's blog and podcast...i had this sudden urge of blogging...yes...and this time it is my first ever blog. firstly shasushimi, is a mixture of sushi and shashimi...ya..dunnoe why my fren give me tis nickname but its kinda nice la...kinda dummy too..nvm..i shall learn how to enjoy tis nickname...and hopefully you ppl wil give me ur support too...and thanks for dropping in and take a look on my blog..thank you...well..time to sign off and slp..good night ppl...enjoy your world cup later at 2.50 am..and...GERMANY WILL WIN THE WORLD CUP K!!!(ppl sorry for the inconvience due to my designers or designer[yochimaru] are busy and i cant shit do anything on the template coz i know non of see my recent post plz click on the archives to check it out..thanks...)

Weiric sat under the tree @ Wednesday, July 05, 2006

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