Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Am i thinking too much??

hmm....yep i'm at my dad's shop working again..haha free labour.. no la..i'm a filial son. well today i woke up feeling kinda emo. thinking of someone. no its not my ex gf neither is it tt 'girl'..wat to do..i'm at the shop everyday sitting at the counter seeing the same few ppl coming in and out everyday, sure will think of tings one wat. business is bad..i can juz sit at the counter and play game for 1 full hour and no one has come in at all! but sometimes i can get really busy but juz for tt 5 mins coz one of the aunties or uncles buy loads of daily neccessities..haha..oh i found out tt my english spelling is getting worst and worst. those simple words i cant spell correctly sometimes!! hahah die! oh yeah my dad's gonna change his space wagon to a honda airwave. kinda cool. though its only 1.5L car. but it saves money! tts why, road tax, petrol cost and stuff. the current space wagon is 2.4L which drinks petrol like a fat boy drinking coke. good god! spend alot on it man and the road tax is hell expensive la!

hmm bryan hope u're having a good time at china with your family. dun get ur balls all freezed up by the weather there man..haha...oh yeah...are we gona have a new year's party ?? still wondering...nvm u come back then decide.

haiz...sitting at the counter looking at uncles, aunties, maids, kids, couples, ah bengs and ah lians. i dunnoe why some maids ah wanna buy home calling cards, they give all coin!! 10 all in coins..10cent 20cent 50cent! some even more power, buy singtel top up card wif really pisses me off la...wah laoz..but no choice la they are customers, there money to earn i sure must earn de...well i shall stop here la....hey...i am thinking about you...^_^....hehe oH!!! i miss training!! i wanna go training!!! haha

Weiric sat under the tree @ Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Monday, December 25, 2006

Xmas day!! Club horror

well...finaly i came back to blog again..sorry ppl for not blogging for so long. anyways ytd was xmas eve, went to shawn's church, christ the king. very big. very nice the ppl are nice too, really nice u noe..then after that we went to MOS to club. but we reached there like 1.30 or so. My first time clubbing outside wor! tot it would be damn fun. but the place was like overly croweded! i couldnt even dance la..only can move my body at one place. Anyone can intro me some nice drinks to buy when clubbing coz ytd i din know wat to drink then juz ordered wat shawn order. Vodka orange and it tasted kinda funky. haha...the girls there was kinda hot. esp while lining up tt time i saw this lady in front of us. wah! totally hour glass figure but, sorry ah not my type ah..haha..then there was this guy and girl dancing, hugging already then theres tis bugger guy behind the girl trying to snatch the girl over or someting ah..but the girl dun even give a damn abt him. then there was this two ladies beside me dancing. the one with the short hair was pretty la..haha...lady already la cannot...hahaha then didn't dance much then half time..cannot ta han coz the place was too pack, got air-con equal no air con like tt...damn hot. then around 3 we left MOS. but MOS was damn smoky la..the entrance and exits, oh the tunnel where it leads frm trance to R&B room there oso damn smoky cant even breath. so i now developed new phobia for MOS, packa-phobia and smoka-phobia! haha but well still spend my day with bryan or ivan if u guys come back and wanna bring me go club plz plz dun go to those pack like siao one k? hahahah i noe i'm stupid la...haahha!! k la ppl will blog soon! see ya!

Weiric sat under the tree @ Monday, December 25, 2006

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