Sunday, July 09, 2006

Today was the offical opening of Crown of Glory church at somerset, was rather pissed by someone on the way to meet yochimaru to go to COG. Haha...i went training in sch with him ytd, he was fine and yet today he gave me some shit that i dun even understand a bit. out of no where he gave me freaking attitdue..well..everyone has a bad day..nvm forgive him then.

Today's topic is on the "horroible toilet in the hospital",

horrible toilets, i guess everyone have been there too rite? however, i used think that the toilets in hospitals are very clean. My thoughts changed rite after i went to the toilet of a Hospital which is located in Eunos (ES hospital). i was visting my grandma who fainted a few time on thursday. i wanted to go to the toilet and not use the patient's toilet becoz i think its not rite i went to ask this aunty nurse, tot she would be nice and give me direction. i asked her nicely "hi, erm..may i know where's the toilet?"..she gave me the stupidest answer i have ever heard. "for who ah?" i mean like im the one asking of coz i its for me la!!! finally, she told me where the heck is the toilet and guess wat! theres no guest toilet on that level and other levels too! its located only at the lobby! oki being urgently need to let the "big" out..i rushed down to the toilet, and went into the cubical and wtf! the toilet sit is dirty! hoping the only one left was clean. i was even more disappointed..the person who used it DIN FLUSH!!!! YUCK OMG!! Its almost as horrible as the toilet and some dumb choice i have to go to the previous cubical and wet the tissue and clean the mess up and go thru 'PIE' have the idea of thinking that all hospital have clean toilets...bloody hell i've been to one that doesnt. That hospital is big la..and rich...i guess..the toilet aunty nv clean ah?! stupid...

NP has horrible toilets too!! today was doing project in sch wif my classmates at the atrium. went to the toilet there...basket! it smelled really bad and seriously i suspect some guys in NP cant seem to aim the urinal properly! basket the floor was full of dried pee stain! oh freak and the place smell man!! the other horrible toilet in NP is the one at the grandstand...not the one wif shower tt one is oki..fine toilet to visit..the horrible one is the one above the shower toilet.
once u push the door u thought its a nice clean toilet but when the door closes...the army of smell rush pass you like the horde of smelly trolls running pass you..serious it stink that much man! guess the toilet cleaners are really slacking alot...not doing their job man!

oki..well guess you guys are sick of the toilet topic..well..gonna sign off now..anyway...there is a new "i am singaporean" entry posted on yochi's blog..plz go to to check it out...this is shasushimi signing off..thanks to visting my blog...thanks!! will blog soon...

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